Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transitions 5

It seems like we are always engaged in transition of some sort.  Even today, Sue and I will be driving the 48 miles to the Town of Parker to search for a new home.  We had one all picked out but the offer and contract did not hold.  So, our transition process starts from square one.  God has always been good so we know it will all come together.

I think back to previous transitions; since we were married in 1975 we have lived in Denver, Genoa, Denver again, Wilmore, Fort Morgan (four different houses in that city), Longmont, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, Wilmore again, Colorado Springs again, and now on to Parker.  Along the way, the faithfulness of God has been evident at every turn.

For example, when we moved to Wilmore, Kentucky in 1981 to start our seminary journey, we watched the daily activity of God each day.  There was no question in our minds. Asbury Theological Seminary was the place God was leading us for our initial theological  and biblical preparation. 

We packed up our little Dodge Omni, rented a 12 foot U-Haul truck, and headed east on I-70.  It was a great adventure.  Everything was unknown but every step was certain.  We grew together under the care of godly men and women who loved us, taught us, and demonstrated what a life of ministry looked like.  We soaked it in. God was faithfully providing the solid foundation that we needed.

We worked with young people, worshiped with saints, and dreamed about then next transition.  One by one, they have arrived, and we have been blessed at every step.  Now, there is another step at hand.  The faithfulness of God will continue to teach, lead, and develop relationships.  Transition: a part of the plan of God.

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