Saturday, January 1, 2011

Personal Rule of Life 2011

If you have been following this will discover right away that several of the items in my Rule of Life are continuations from previous versions. That is because there are foundational elements that create a baseline for all other personal and spiritual activities.

You will also note that some of the 2010 elements have gone away. Not because they were completely fulfilled or are no longer of value, but because things need to be refocused from time to time. You will also notice that I continue to use the structure of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster as the basic (but expanded) framework for my Rule.

With humility and obedience as the key components for any spiritual growth...I offer my 2011 Rule of Life. With God's help, I will...

Inward Disciplines

1. Morning prayer and meditation seeking God’s will for my personal and professional life.
2. Daily prayer for family, staff, lay leadership, and general intercession.
3. Daily study of the Scriptures that are outside teaching and preaching responsibilities.
4. Be obedient to the hours.

Outward Disciplines

1. Seek increased ways to simplify life style in accordance with the Gospel.
2. Set aside specific time of solitude outside designated time for personal prayer.
3. Continue serving through Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis.
4. Work to develop a strong positive missional relationship with the Methodist Church in Costa Rica

Continuing Education Goals

1. Participate in at least one major conference related to congregational life, preaching or leadership.
2. Participate in the August Leadership Summit.
3. Create a continuing education event for pastors and lay leaders related to prayer and spiritual formation.
4. Read at least one new book each week related to leadership, spiritual formation, church development, stewardship, or vision.

Service Goals

1. Board of Ordained Ministry
2. Availability for relational conversations
3. Asbury community through teaching, dissertation mentor, stewardship, and student development / support

Personal Goals

1. Ride at least 1000 bicycle miles on Old Blue in 2011
2. Ride two century days in 2011
3. Stay in touch with my physical health through indoor / outdoor riding, time at the fitness center, and healthy eating habits

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