Wednesday, November 24, 2010

African Children's Choir

WOW, do you believe that a coincidence is when God creates a miracle and chooses to remain anonymous? I do.

Here's the deal; Last Thursday I saw an email notice that the African Children's Choir was going to be in the Denver area. I have always been interested so I found their web site at and located a phone number. I spoke to Tina who told me that the group just had a very unexpected cancellation that eliminated a key concert and three nights of housing.

Here is where I am so blessed to be a part of the Wilson family! The kids needed a place to be, host homes for three days, and they were arriving on Sunday afternoon. Could we do it? Who will do it? Wilson will!

I said yes, send them our way. Then I sent out an email asking for help with housing, meals, and a potential concert. Before the day was done, it was all cared for with great detail. Momentum is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, the bus pulled in, host families went into action, a concert was presented to an overflow crowd, and everyone (especially the Wilson team!) was blessed.

What a great God we have! Many thanks to everyone who made it happen. It wasn't water into wine...but it was real close!

God loves to do stuff and then remain anonymous!

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