Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Faith and Doubt

Here are some passages of Scripture that will help us think together about the nature of doubt in the context of faith. I would suggest that you take a few minutes to look up the passage in your Bible (maybe you can read it in two or three versions), read it slowly with deliberation, and then allow your heart and mind to consider the message from as many different perspectives as you can. Spend at least ten minutes each day with each passage.

You might want to look at www.biblegateway.com (drop your courser over the blank to reveal) as a resource for various Bible translations. You can simply enter the reference for the verse you want to read, select a translation, and capture the message. I often copy and paste various translations so I can compare them side-by-side.

Day One
Judges chapter 6 - Focus on 6:17 as a sample
This is our old friend Gideon. Read the section and circle the number of times Gideon says 'if' in response to God. Have you ever wanted a 'sign' from God to confirm your doubt?

Day Two
John 20:25
We looked at this passage with Thomas on Sunday. Are you a 'touch and see' believer who (like Gideon) is always on the look out for evidence before you can put your faith in the hands of God?

Day Three
Luke 24

Here we find the two disciples walking with Jesus even though they did not realize who he was until he broke bread with them at the end of the day. Look at 24:25 where they are described by Jesus as being 'slow of heart' - are you a leading edge believer, a wait and see believer, a slow of heart believer, or a full speed ahead disciple?

Day Four
Matthew 14:22-36

Here is the famous passage where Jesus walks on water. But our focus is on Peter and his faith process. In verse 31, Jesus rescues him with a statement and a question ... "You of little faith" "Why did you doubt?" How does this apply to your experience today as you have moved through the various features and experiences of your life?

Day Five
Isaiah 43:1-2

The promise of God found here in Isaiah will help us cap off our five day sequence with a word of great hope. We have all passed through the rough waters of life. The hope comes when we realize that God promises (over and over) that we will not be alone on the journey. "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine." says the Lord. That is a word for you today.

I pray blessings of peace upon you, your home, your family, and your continually growing faith. I join you in the journey!

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