Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking Forward!

I call this blog "looking forward" because it reminds me that our task is to be horizon people. We look to the future and think about possibilities. At the same time we depend on tomorrow to bring a fresh day and a brighter future. [I pray for those who look to tomorrow with a knowledge that the next day will likely be more difficult than this day.] I pray because the horizon is a significant point for our vision focus.

Each time we drive a stake to identify the future, we begin to make our way to reality. When we arrive, the horizon never moves always moves forward. For good or for bad, it moves us forward. Otherwise we are captured by the present and immediately locked into the past. The future is the only place that brings us hope because the future is filled with the reality of Jesus Christ.

God dwells in the this very we can know that God is real and walking with us at each moment. But God is also firmly planted in the future. Each step forward gives us a clearer image of God and his will for our lives.

Walk in faith, know that God is good, understand the Jesus inhabits the praise of his people, and depend on the power of the Holy Spirit for the core elements of your life.

Worship in your favorite church this week...Walk with God...perhaps you will encounter him like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus!

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